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We are a group of small businesses in the Staffordshire Peak District that benefit in some way from tourism - national and/or local tourism, so that is a lot of businesses in this area.

North Staffordshire is a fabulous destination, famed for its landscape, heritage, culture, art and food. Our members share a passion for sustainably promoting the local area and supporting the businesses here. 

This side of the Peak District is unique and our membership wants to celebrate and enjoy all that makes the area so special.  

We have gorgeous towns and villages to be enjoyed...

 We have fabulous countryside waiting to be explored...

And a warm welcome from our local businesses, services and accommodation providers awaits...







What area does the Staffordshire Peak District Cover?

If you are in Staffordshire and also in the area covered by Visit Peak District (click for the map) then you are in the SPDTA area. Businesses in Stoke are not in our area, they have their own tourism body. Roughly speaking the area is from Uttoxeter in the south to the Derbyshire border to the north and east, and Stoke and Cheshire borders to the west - to include all of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and part of East Staffordshire.