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Join SPDTA 2016

The SPDTA is a growing group of businesses in North Staffordshire that benefit from local and national tourism. Members have the opportunity to support and influence the local tourism economy. We meet regularly, holding meetings at various venues across the region.

SPDTA membership for 2016 is £20. If you are a member of Enjoy Staffordshire the membership fee to SPDTA is included in their subscription and will be passed on to SPDTA. Click the links for Enjoy Staffordshire (Destination Staffordshire) 2016 application form and brochure pdf downloads.

If you are a member of Enjoy Staffordshire they will pay for your membership of SPDTA. Simply add your details and we will check it out and get back to you. If this tempts you to join both at the same time then complete your details here and add a comment that you are then going to join Enjoy Staffs too, then we will get back to you.
Please select the payment option you would like and we will email you an invoice for £20 with the appropriate payment information.
In case you are concerned about data privacy, rest assured SPDTA will not share, rent or sell your data other than to co-ordinate membership details with Enjoy Staffordshire, if appropriate.