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South West Peak Landscape Partnership


SW Peak Project Area

The South West Peak Landscape Partnership is a growing group of individuals and organisations representing the people and the place hoping to address some of the threats to this special area:

• Changes in policy and support which impact farming businesses;
• The loss of heritage features;
• Habitat fragmentation and loss of iconic species;
• The disconnect between young people and their heritage;
• The pressures for development which divide communities;
• The increasing visitor pressure and its impact on the fabric of the landscape

These threats have put the landscape at a crossroads where making the right choices is crucial to determining the future shape, condition and direction of this natural, cultural and economic landscape.

The Staffordshire Peak District Tourism Association has attended initial workshops and supports the work of the South West Peak Partnership, in particular the elements that relate to supporting the local rural economy and projects that impact our small business members in the area.

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