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Staffordshire Peak District Tourism Association - Oct 2016


How has your summer been? We hope it was a success for your business. As autumn is now upon us, perhaps you have time to come to our next meeting. As tourism businesses it is useful to come together and discuss any issues and initiatives relating to our area. It is important that we do this and add our voices to the local agenda to help shape tourism policy here.

The SPDTA region is broad. It extends from Uttoxeter in the south, into the National Park to the county boundary to the north, and stretches east to west from East Staffs near Ashbourne to the borders with Stoke. 

We have a growing membership, so please come to our November meeting for free to find out what SPDTA is all about and consider joining in 2017, either directly or as part of your Enjoy Staffordshire membership.

Regarding the November meeting, we have not settled on a venue yet. Why not? Because a) we would like anyone reading this who could host a meeting to get in touch and b) we might as well see who is interested in coming and find somewhere convenient.  Please call us on 01538 703436 or email if you have a suitable meeting room. In the mean time please add your name to the Sign Up page and save the date...

And finally, thanks to those people who provided "We love Staffordshire..." photos for the website banner as they look really great and are a little bit of advertising in return for the effort. Take a look at If anyone else would like to add a photo as a plug for their business, please get in touch.

Many thanks

(PS - please do not reply to this email but use for a more immediate response)


DATE:  Tuesday 1st November, 1pm

VENUE: To be arranged...

TO BOOK: Places are free of charge but online booking is essential - SPDTA meeting

Please do forward this email to other tourism businesses you know in our region.